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Too bad more women cant look like this.

2014-01-13 21:25:53 by BurningJesus


Tired of the American view of sexy being phat bitches. 

People just seem to not know that if you follow the recomended healthy caloric intake of 1800/2300 in the right proportions of food groups you will have a good body. Plus jogging 3 miles 4 times a week is not difficult.

Also the same goes for men too.  Men are also not suppose to be fat pieces of shit.  In a 1st world country where you have the ablility to be healthy you should be rather thin, good looking, and live to a rather old age.

All this fast-food in our culture is disgusting.  It distorted the image of sexy and normal in this country.  Something needs to be done because the McDonalds sign that says something alone the lines of "99 billion served and counting" is just scary.  That adds up to every person on the planet ordering McDonalds 14 times.

Next time you feel like ordering a Bigmac, do not.  Instead go home and make a broiled chicken and rice dinner for your entire family with the same amount of money as a Bigmac.

The USA is disgusting.  Be thin, be proud, and ignore your grandma when she says you look a tad thin.


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2014-02-24 03:59:01

You can't do much about it. There's always going to be fat fucks eating shitty food. They feed that shit to their children & then 99% of them grow up with the habit & it continues. If you want to make a difference then don't feed shit to children. & it's not just the US's problem, it's all over the world. Although I can't say I personally know anyone who specifically likes fat women. On positive observation, however, non-fat people look better by comparison.


2014-04-01 15:13:26

Americans view fat bitches as sexy?
That's new to me.

I was always under the impression that it's the skinny ones with the big tits and phat asses who are sexy.


2014-04-15 15:43:09

Whaaat? Some of us men like women to be a little plump.

BurningJesus responds:

That is fine, the issue is how many Americans do not want anybody to be thin.


2014-05-14 18:25:50

I find your point of view valuable.


2014-12-26 03:27:45



2015-03-13 00:49:20



2015-03-24 13:39:37

I barely even eat fast food but I am still fat as a motherfucker. Also that girl is kinda skinny isn't she? Being too fat, or too skinny is always a problem. I do see your point though. Also, nice pair of tits, who is this model? Or is she an actor?


2015-04-04 12:51:26



2015-05-15 01:53:27

i just like the pussy in her armpit... sexy